Mediane’s History
Our History
Founded in 1987, Mediane is a fully integrated, leading hygiene product manufacturer that is the first to produce a continuous, high-value stream of new product innovations in the industry of diapers, wet napkins, pull-ups, underpads, and face masks. Our portfolio includes trusted brands for products that are perfectly made for our clients. Our highly skilled manufacturing specialists work around the clock to improve our product lines, which are then supplied locally and exported throughout many countries after being thoroughly inspected. Our machines are regularly monitored by an Italian team to ensure the delivery of high-quality products. These high-tech machines allow us to run six production lines with processes that are ISO compliant.
“To be a key player in the manufacturing industry and witness our company reach its full potential day in and day out by adding to our brands and product lists, is great motivation to keep going, producing, and growing– even exploring the opportunity of becoming a global brand.” –
The Drive to Make a Positive Impact
At Mediane, we consider more than just profit, we consider our impact on society and the environment and we are proud to be a sustainable business that positively contributes to our community.
Our Technology
The company has maintained its success by manufacturing locally and importing high-quality raw materials. Highly skilled manufacturing specialists are dedicated to perfecting our multiple product lines, which, upon inspection, are distributed to Lebanon, Europe, and the Middle East. Manufacturing locally allows us to honor our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction and our headquarters in Lebanon allows us to tailor-make our products for our consumers and respond more flexibly to market demand.
Steps To Success
Our Laboratory
Mediane experts and specialists work in our fully equipped, state-of-the-art laboratory to ensure that our products meet high international standards. Our team is committed to creating high-quality products for our customers in all stages of life. In fact, all our raw materials and finished products are subjected to testing and approved by dermatologists.
Join Us
As a leading hygiene product manufacturer with a vision of producing all types of personal care dedicated to improving well-being, we have a big undertaking on our hands. This is why we are always on the lookout for capable, passionate, and qualified individuals who are ready to dedicate themselves to our mission.
The Technology
At Mediane, we use cutting-edge technology throughout our operations that allow us to remain up-to-date with European standards, while also contributing to reducing our carbon footprint. 
Eco-Friendly Factory
Our modern, highly developed, eco-friendly factory features an extensive solar panel system as an alternative energy source and a recycling system set in place.
The Foresty
As part of our impact on our community and country, we have actively contributed to the planting of trees in our region, and the activity has become an annual event the company and employees look forward to.
The Packaging
Our team is always looking for and implementing new and innovative solutions for our packaging to reduce waste produced by us or our consumers. 
Hygiene products machines
We equipped ourselves with new Hygiene Manufacturing Machines from best industrial source in Italy and started producing locally, in Lebanon, using imported raw materials from leading European and American companies.
Baby diaper Making Machine
We expanded our factories by constructing additional buildings and then importing another high-tech machine for disposable diaper or baby diapers Manufacturer from Italy. 
New wet wipes machine
We imported wet tissue machine from Italy and started producing more than 3 scents of these alcohol free wipes and paraben free napkins.
New line for baby diapers
We purchased our third line of baby diapers, which featured cutting-edge technology and a speedier production line sourced from the most qualified Italian suppliers. 
Adult pull-up diapers machine
We introduced the first and only line of production for adults in the Levant and Arab countries which was also exported from Italy to meet the highest customer service standards
Underpads manufacturing machine
We installed the under pads line with its new non-slip back technology, perfect for mattresses. 
Surgical mask making machine
We initiated the production of face masks to help the fight against COVID-19. Mediane was one of the first Lebanese industries to produce face masks, and was able to supply the country with its trusted quality during a time of fear and panic.
New Adult Pull-Ups line
We've introduced another line of pull-ups for seniors made with hypoallergenic and breathable materials, all to keep skin healthy. These diapers provide maximum absorbency for extended wear.