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Products Oui Oui Premium Baby Diapers
Oui Oui Premium baby diapers offer an ultra-comfortable and hygienic experience that will keep your baby happy and dry for up to 12-hours. Whether choosing from baby diapers, culottes, or the beach pant, all our diapers offer a silky-smooth texture, excellent absorbency, and the security and flexibility your child needs to move freely. 
Size 1
58 nappies, 5-2 kg
Size 2
3-6 Kg, 56 nappies
Size 3
5-9 Kg, 46 nappies
Size 4
9-18 Kg, 42 nappies
Size 5
12-25 Kg, 38 nappies
Size 6
16-28 Kg, 32 nappies
Products Oui Oui Premium Baby Diaper - mini
Oui Oui mini packs, with wetness indicator and absorb channel, are the ultimate go-to packs when on-the-go, easy to fit in any travel bag.
Size 1
2-5 Kg, 32 nappies
Size 2
3-6 Kg, 30 nappies
Size 3
5-9 Kg, 22 nappies
Size 4
9-18 Kg, 20 nappies
Size 5
12-25 KG, 18 nappies
Size 6
16-30 Kg, 15 nappies
Products Oui Oui Swim Diaper
 Oui Oui beach diaper is made with a waterproof outer fabric and a soft inner layer contains for a lightweight design. The snug, yet gentle elastic strip around the waist and leg openings ensure a secure fit. it will keep the baby protected in the pool or sea, or any water related activity.
Medium, 15 nappies
7 - 14 kg
Large, 15 nappies
13 - 22 kg
X- Large, 15 nappies
16 - 28 kg
Products Oui Oui Soft and Fresh Wipes
Babies are number one in our minds, which is why we make sure to offer a product that promotes comfort and happiness. Oui Oui wipes are paraben-free, hypoallergenic, and alcohol free. These soft wipes are dermatologically, and microbiologically tested to keep your baby skin clean and hydrated after every use. 
80 sheets
Luxury Touch
80 sheets
Milk and Honey
80 sheets
Products Mamia Baby Diapers
Mamia is Mediane's range diaper line for babies and toddlers weighing from 2 to 30 kg. Mamia diapers offer up to 12 hours of protection in an extra slim form. They also have an elastic waist, a double leakage barrier, and re-stick tapes on the sides. For an even better experience for the little ones, Mamia diapers are breathable, extra soft and dry, and include natural extracts. 
Size 1
2-5 Kg, 56 nappies
Size 2
3-6 Kg, 52 nappies
Size 3
5-9 Kg, 44 nappies
Size 4
9-18 Kg, 38 nappies
Size 5
12-25 Kg, 34 nappies
Size 6
16-28 Kg, 30 nappies
Products Loulou Baby Diapers
Loulou diapers promise a calm day for your baby. They provide long-lasting protection with leak-guard barriers at an affordable price.
Size 2
3-6 Kg, 48 nappies
Size 3
5-9 Kg, 40 nappies
Size 4
9-18 Kg, 34 nappies
Size 5
12-25 Kg, 30 nappies
Size 6
16-30 Kg, 26 nappies
Products Silastic Adult Pull-Ups
With its easy to tear sides, Silastic adult pull-ups is one of the latest technologies for active elders to experience maximum security when moving around. Their firm fit and its anti-leakage barriers are designed to promise comfort any time of the day.
Small - 15 nappies
waist size 65 cm - 85 cm
Medium - 14 nappies
Waist Size: 80 cm - 110 cm
Large - 12 nappies
Waist Size: 100 cm - 135 cm
X-Large - 10 nappies
Waist Size: 140 cm - 165 cm
Large - 10 nappies
Waist Size: 95 cm - 125 cm
Medium - 12 nappies
Waist Size: 75 cm - 100 cm
Products Silastic Breifs
Looking after our seniors, we have created Silastic adult diapers with a cotton textile back-sheet and leak-proof barriers so they can feel confident.
Medium-12 nappies
Waist Size: 85 cm - 115 cm
Large-10 nappies
Waist Size: 115 cm - 140 cm
X-large - 10 nappies
Waist Size 140 cm - 160 cm
Products Silastic Under-pads
Silastic under pads are a soft quilted protective surface with a nonslip back that are ideal for your mattress and will provide a restful night.
60x90 cm, 15 pcs
60x60 cm, 20 pcs
60x40 cm, 40 pcs
90x180 cm, 30pcs
Products Silastic Facemasks
Silastic facemasks are made of non-woven fabric and a three-layer filtering system that is skin friendly and provides easy breathability and full protection.
Face masks, 50 pcs
Products Oltime Pull-ups
Oltime pull-ups are put on like underwear and have tear able side panels that can be quickly opened to make removal easy. Oltime pull-ups gives the secure feeling day and night.
Small - 12 Napies
Waist Size: 65 cm - 85 cm
Medium - 10 nappies
Waist Size: 80 cm - 110 cm
Large - 10 Nappies
Waist Size: 100 cm - 135 cm
X-Large - 10 Nappies
Waist Size: 130 cm - 165 cm
Products Best Care
Best Care all night and day protection, it has high absorbance and provide close fitting comfort-ability.
Small-12 nappies
Waist Size:65 cm - 85 cm
Medium -10 nappies
Waist Size:80 cm - 110 cm
Large -10 nappies
Waist Size:100 cm - 135 cm
X-Large -10 nappies
Waist Size:140 cm - 165 cm
Products Oui Oui Ultra
Oui Oui Ultra has superior absorbency, and rash-protection. It gives protection day and night.
Medium - 15 nappies
Waist Size: 80 cm - 115 cm
Large - 12 nappies
Waist Size: 115 cm - 150 cm
Products Nancy
Soft, ultra thin, and comfortable pads offers fast and efficient absorbency, for round-the-clock protection.
Ultra Thin - Long
8 Pads
Ultra Thin-Normal
10 pads
Ultra-Thin - Extra Long
8 Pads
Products Puppy Love - Under pads
Puppy love pad with quick dry surface and maximum absorbency for indoor or outdoor ‎is perfect for pets training and traveling.‎
90x60 cm, 20 pcs
60x60 cm, 20 pcs